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Got a good idea for an exciting student retreat?

We  want  to  fund  it!

Our objective is to give junior female scientists—PhD students and post-docs—unique opportunities to demonstrate their organizational leadership by creating student retreats to promote and connect with their peers.

Pitch us your proposals to organize activities that enhance scientific and career knowledge for female students, ranging from high school to university to the post-doc level. Funding can be requested for the authorized activities below.


Submission deadline

1 October 2019

What kind of retreat can I propose?

Cultivate knowledge and skills

  • Courses, workshops or other means of education, training and coaching.

  • Multi-day stays at off-site locations such as an appropriate Swiss mountain resort.

  • Example: Writing retreat.

CreatE networking Opportunities

  • Multi-day group activities, such as hiking and skiing trips mixed with career or scientific discussions.

  • Example: Ski retreat.


  • Career-related fairs, discussions or forums.

  • Anything that can promote women in the short or long run.

  • Example: Career fair.


Propose something you feel passionately about!

Eligibility criteria


  • PhD students and post-docs from a Swiss university* can submit a proposal.

  • Your proposal will require the support of your academic supervisor.

  • The proposed activity has to take place in Switzerland.

  • Amount of funding:
    Minimum:  5,000  / maximum 15,000 CHF
    including any applicable Value Added Tax.

  • Awarded funds will be withdrawn if not utilized within one year of the date granted. 

    *Please contact us per email if you are from a non-Swiss university and want to submit a proposal


Eligible costs


  • Costs relating to one of the categories listed above.

  • Costs that will produce an external invoice or other means of proof of payment.

  • Costs that are planned to occur within one year.




Non-eligible costs


  • Costs related to a personnel appointment at research institutes, be it new or the extension of an existing personnel appointment.

  • Costs that by their nature will not produce an external invoice or other means of proof of payment.



Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash

How are proposals assessed?

Proposals will be assessed on their

  • Effectiveness to accelerate the promotion of junior female scholars,

  • Soundness of execution plan and organization team,

  • Cost efficiency.


Selection will take place and be communicated within 3 weeks of the submission deadline. The assessment committee reserves the right to require additional information from applicants and/or seek expert advice.

Pitch your proposal

Your proposal must include

  • Objective. Describe your retreat. What concrete goal do you aim to achieve? Why is this goal important to you? What will be the measurable outcome?

  • Planning of the retreat including timeline, location, estimated attendees, and recruitment of participants.

  • Organization. Who will serve on your team? 

  • Budget.

  • Your brief CV with an emphasis on your organizational skills.

  • Max. 3 pages A4.